How to Find Royalty Free Music for Vlogging

Music can add a lot to a vlog. It can add continuity, help create an atmosphere and even mask some audio issues with your video. Using music online is easy to get wrong as fair use and copyright claims are getting more and more commonplace.

Here are six websites that offer royalty free music. Feel free to check them out!



Ben Sound

( is absolutely full of music that you can download and use for free! You don’t even have to make an account. Just download your song of choice and stick it on your video. As long as you credit the site in the description then you’ll be right as rain.

YouTube Audio Library

( YouTube itself has realized the need for royalty free music as vlogging is becoming more and more popular so they’ve gone to the trouble of making a full library of music just for you! The music downloads with just a click of a button.

Moby Gratis

( This website is run by Moby…yes that Moby. He decided to make a lot of royalty free music. It is all free to use all you have to do is log in to your account and choose a song or two!

Purple Planet

( The Purple Planet holds a selection of free of charge music for your vlogs that it takes directly from sound cloud. You can choose to quickly download any of the free music that the site offers or make a premium account and get access to a few more tunes.

Audio Network

( This is a paid site but is on the more affordable end of the spectrum. It is around £8 per song if you plan to use it on a YouTube video. If you plan to use the music for a commercial then the price will be considerably higher. Be careful to click the ‘creator’ box when paying!

Free Music Archive

( Yet another free site. This one offers you the option to donate to them but there is no obligation. The site charts the popularity of tracks and as long as everything is not for profit there is no need for licensing.

So there we have it. Six of the best and easiest websites to get your royalty free music from. Go forth and make more interesting videos with your new music!